Venorex Cream - Cure varicose veins

Venorex Cream - Varicose veins affect mainly the skin near veins in the leg and their connections inside Early treatment, improve venous function as optics, and the risk of complications is reduced. Varicose veins are permanently extended, irregular tortuous veins. They occur mainly on the legs, sometimes in the pelvic area.

To avoid late effects and complications, sufferers should begin treatment of varicose veins early. The treatment method depends firstly on whether a primary or secondary varicose veins present with Venorex Cream. Secondly, the form and characteristics of the varicose veins is decisive. In addition, the doctor present co morbidities must consider any.

The venous system of the legs has the task to pump oxygen and nutrient-poor blood to the heart. The superficial, located under the skin venous system opens in the amount of bars and knees in the deep venous system, which is embedded in the muscles and bones. The deep Venorex Cream system transports about 90% of the blood. Connection veins (perforating) conduct blood from the superficial to the deep veins.

Allows the work of the veins through the work of the heart, but above all by the interaction of venous valves in the deep veins and the calf and thigh muscles. Work, the muscles, the veins are compressed and can be emptied through the intact venous valves (muscle vein pump). the process is complemented by breathing. During inspiration arises in the chest, a vacuum which draws the venous blood towards the heart.

The exact cause of primary varicose veins is not yet fully explored, but it leads the formation back to a congenital or age-related weakness of the vein walls or Venorex Cream Reviews valves. As a result, wide vein walls and vein valves no longer close properly (venous valve insufficiency). The blood then accumulates in the veins, stretching them morbidly and permanently. The permanent backflow of blood in the legs can cause skin lesions (chronic venous congestion syndrome).

Secondary varicose veins caused by a malfunction of the drain in the deep venous system, such as by a blood clot (thrombosis) in the deep vein or by a larger tumor in the abdominal area, which presses on the venous system. Even an increase in blood pressure within the veins, eg., By a right heart failure, pregnancy, or thrombosis, can potentially contribute to the formation of secondary varicose veins. Through the constant overuse the venous valves are always leaking to a complete loss of function

To compensate for the stagnant blood flow, the blood seeks a different path to get back to the heart. Most often this is through the superficial veins that are overloaded thereby and you can treat these with Venorex. Analog primary varicose veins become enlarged, the venous valves lose their function, the blood accumulates progressively.

Most varicose veins are already visible a long time before the first symptoms occur. The first symptoms of varicose veins are a heaviness, tiredness or feeling of tension in the legs, which subsides when Elevating the legs or movement. In warm weather, injuries are greater. The same applies to women before the onset of menstruation. Likewise occur nightly foot or leg cramps often at an early stage of the disease.